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DC18 Vacuum

The Dyson DC18 Vacuum is a leap forward in the Dyson vacuum range. The DC18 was originally designed to offer the first lightweight Dyson upright vacuum by cutting nearly 5 pounds when compared to the full size Dyson models. Take a leap forward, and Dyson now offers two more even lighter vacuum options, and the DC24 and the DC25 vacuum. The DC24 is a true lightweight for small areas, RV's, apartments, etc. The DC25 is a true lightweight with true full size cleaning ability and suction.


From a price point, the DC18 vacuum offers a lot for the money and all of the usual Dyson no loss of suction and no bag to replace features. The DC18 overall price is significantly less than the DC25, and remains a great choice. However, the DC25 is a direct upgrade and replacement for the DC18. New features on the DC25 include a more simplistic design, improved parking feature, improved ball design, and improved filtration.


Is the Dyson DC18 vacuum cleaner Right for me?  

If you are budget minded and wish for a lighter weight Dyson, the DC18 is a great option offering all of the normal features that Dyson is known for.

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This model is no longer available.