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Shampooers & Polishers

Shampooers & Polishers
Shampooers & Polishers

The life of your flooring is determined by the quality of its care and replacing flooring can be one of the most expensive updates to your home. Proper care and cleaning of your flooring can lead to years of enjoyment and extend the life of the flooring you have in your home. The best way to maintain your floors is to properly clean them by shampooing carpets or polishing your solid floors.

Shampooers and polishers recoup their value even after their first use. Carpets undergo most of their wear and tear due to pieces of dirt or sand lodged within the carpet fibers. When dirt or debris is trapped in the individual fibers, these fibers break as pressure is applied via walking or moving heavy items across the carpet. The continual breaking of carpet fibers contributes to the need to replace the carpets.

Stains are going to happen - that’s a given - but removing the stains with a carpet shampooer is quick, easy, and extends the life of your carpets. A carpet shampooer can generally remove even the toughest stains but a stain removal aid may assist in certain instances. Shampooing your carpet is also beneficial when you have small children, as kids spend much of their early days crawling and playing on the floor. Having the cleanest surface ensures they will be safe from bacteria that can grow in carpets as a result of stains.

Floor polishers are also incredibly valuable when it comes to maintaining the life of your solid floors. Many solid floors like hardwoods have a special sealant or coating that should be maintained and can be incredibly costly to replace or repair if damaged. Polishing your solid flooring not only provides a beautiful shine to the floors, but maintains the life of your floors.