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Hoover Power Cords

Hoover Power Cords
Hoover Power Cords

Have you ever tried running a vacuum without plugging it in? That may work for a portable portable vacuum, but if your Hoover isn't getting power due to a faulty power cord, we have the replacement parts needed.

Working with electrical components can be a delicate task which is sometimes best left to a professional Hoover repair technician. If you feel you have enough experience working with electronics to perform the maintenance yourself, there are precautions you can take that will make it easier and safer. Be sure to ground yourself and the vacuum before working with electronics in order to safeguard yourself and the Hoover vacuum from static discharge. It is also essential to only ever use genuine Hoover replacement power cords with your Hoover vacuum. Genuine Hoover OEM power cords are designed to deliver the precise voltage you need from your power source to your vacuum’s motor. Hoover also rigorously tests its genuine OEM parts to ensure that they will hold up under everyday use and not jeopardize the safety of the Hoover vacuum or the operator. There are no guarantees that generic third-party aftermarket part will have a decent fit for your machine, whereas a genuine Hoover replacement power cord will integrate perfectly with your Hoover vacuum’s internal power components. A poorly fitting generic power cord could potentially damage your vacuum. Don’t risk it! Use only genuine Hoover replacement power cords that were tailored specifically for your Hoover vacuum.

One way you can protect your Hoover power cord is to practice safe cord etiquette. When you unplug a power cord from the wall, do not pull on the cord, but on the plastic head of the plug. Pulling on the cord may wear it out faster, requiring you to spend money on a replacement. The best way to protect your Hoover power cord is with safe practices in your everyday usage.

Even with safe handling practices, if you require a replacement power cord for your Hoover vacuum, choose a genuine Hoover power cord.