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Hoover Brush Bars

Hoover Brush Bars
Hoover Brush Bars

Looking for those hard to find Genuine Hoover vacuum parts? At, we have a large inventory of Hoover replacement agitators, also know as a brush roll or brush bar.

The brush bar assembly inside your Hoover vacuum has the important task of agitating dust and debris, knocking it airborne to be picked up by the vacuum air stream and whisked away into your vacuum. The Hoover roller brush bar assembly is one of the most critical parts in the cleaning function of your vacuum cleaner. Return your Hoover vacuum to its best cleaning performance with a brand new genuine Hoover brush bar assembly.

A genuine Hoover brush bar assembly features at least two rows of durable bristles arranged in a pattern to optimize the pickup of debris from hard surfaces and carpet alike. At each end of the brush bar are end caps designed to interface with the bearings of the Hoover vacuum cleaner head. The perfect fit of a genuine Hoover replacement brush bar will ensure that your Hoover vacuum will able to achieve the best performance possible. A generic third-party brand part may not have an exact fit, causing problems with performance. An improperly fitting aftermarket off-brand part could rub against the side of bearings, causing excessive wear and reducing the lifespan of your vacuum. Don’t risk it! Use only genuine Hoover OEM replacement vacuum brush bars to achieve the best cleaning performance you have come to expect from your Hoover vacuum cleaner.

Because a roller brush assembly is constantly impacting the floor, it is important to frequently monitor your brush for signs of wear and tear. Brush bars can become tangled by long fibers, including human and animal hair, stopping the belt from turning. If this occurs, the halted brush bar can break your vacuum’s belts, so it is important to keep your Hoover brush bar free from tangling fibers by regularly cleaning them out with scissors if necessary. carries a variety of genuine Hoover and OEM replacement brush bar assemblies for many Hoover vacuum series. There are roller brush bar assemblies for Hoover vacuums and Hoover SteamVacs, as well as scrubber brush blocks for Hoover steam cleaners. Find the high-quality, genuine Hoover brush part that you need to keep your Hoover cleaning machine at its best with