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Steam & Carpet Cleaners

Steam & Carpet Cleaners
Steam & Carpet Cleaners

Carpets require special attention to maintain their beauty, attractiveness, and function. While regularly vacuuming your carpets with vacuum using a motorized brushroll, it’s equally important to occasionally steam clean or shampoo your carpets. When dirt or stains get into carpet fibers, these particles break down the individual fibers as they are walked on. Spills on carpet can also lead to the development of bacteria and odors which compromise the life of your carpet. With carpet being one of the more expensive investments in your home, some simple steps to maintain the carpets can pay off by extending the life of your carpet.

Steam cleaners can also offer a versatility for cleaning surfaces other than carpets throughout the home. Most steam cleaners offer an upholstery kit to shampoo couches, car interiors, and other upholstered surfaces. Other steam cleaners may offer entire accessory kits for steam cleaning tile grout, windows, and more. Consider your needs and the versatility you require from a steam machine and choose a model suitable for your needs. Keep in mind that carpet cleaners typically offer a machine that is built to specialize in shampooing carpets, while steam cleaners may not offer the same deep clean though they offer versatility to clean throughout the home.

Steam and carpet cleaners are a small investment compared to the cost of replacing carpet flooring. Steam cleaners come in various shapes and sizes but the main purpose is to give your carpeting a deep down clean all the way to the floor pad. Some features important to your steam cleaner purchase include a machine with extraction capabilities to remove the excess water used in the cleaning process as well as the type of chemicals used to clean the flooring. Some steam cleaners utilize steam only to clean and sanitize carpets, while others require the purchase of cleaning detergents. When deciding on the appropriate carpet cleaner for your needs, consider the ingredients of the various cleaning detergents; many companies offer cleaning detergents that use all natural ingredients that are safe for homes with children or pets.

Aside from cleaning home surfaces with steam, steam machines offer the ability to remove wrinkles from garments and other cloth items. Fabric steamers are perfect for those in the modeling, photography, or retail industries and are designed to quickly remove wrinkles without the hassle of ironing. Additionally, the jewelry and dentistry fields require highly specialized steam cleaning systems for sanitation and polishing.