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Pet Vacuum Cleaners

Pet Vacuum Cleaners
Pet Vacuum Cleaners

For pet owners, keeping your home in spotless condition can seem like quite a harrowing task. Luckily, Vacuum Direct offers a wide array of vacuums and other home-cleaning machines that can help to make the job of cleaning up after your non-human, pet family members a lot easier. Several of the top vacuum manufacturers provide machines or attachments that excel or specialize in removing troublesome pet hair, dander, and pet odors from carpets, hard surfaces, and/or upholstery.

Dyson’s Animal line of upright and canister vacuums come outfitted with a specially designed turbine cleaning head that works in concert with the company’s proprietary cyclone technology to effectively oust pet hair and dander from surfaces in your home. The effectiveness of the Dyson models is matched by their sheer versatility, as the turbine cleaning head is designed to be attached to the extendable suction-hose featured on both the upright and canister models. This attachable design means you can take your animal-hair cleaning capabilities to even the furthest corners of your home.

Miele has always taken home cleaning seriously and they know that pet owners are often in need of quality cleaning solutions that they can rely on to perform at maximum efficiency. The Miele Cat & Dog models have been uniquely engineered for ease-of-use and effective cleaning of pet-hair, as well as other common dirt and dust problems found in the home. The Cat & Dog series comes equipped with the extraordinary Miele Mini Turbobrush, a painstakingly engineered specialty attachment, for use with the machine’s suction hose, that safely and effectively removes pet hair from hard surfaces, carpets, and upholstery, with ease.

The vacuum wizards at Shark provide a few compact, yet completely effective, machines that can grant even the most pet hair-laden household an impeccable clean. The Shark Pet Perfect II is a handheld vacuums that can be easily stored in a car, boat, RV, or home, and feature powerful suction coupled with an ergonomic design. This bagless unit feature large dust cups and reusable filters that make for an extremely cost-effective solution to the ever-present problem of pet hair.