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Handhelds & Cordless Vacuums

Handhelds & Cordless Vacuums
Handhelds & Cordless Vacuums

Handheld & cordless vacuum cleaners offer unsurpassed versatility for those quick cleaning jobs inside or outside of the home. By nature, a cordless or handheld vacuum can get in and out of tight spaces or used in an area that a traditional vacuum may not be capable of cleaning.

The wide variety of handheld or cordless vacuum cleaners available today often offer cleaning tools to complete additional tasks aside from quickly cleaning spills or messes that a traditional vacuum may require more work than necessary to clean.

Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners come with attachments like a dust brush, crevice tool, or specific pet cleaning tools to remove pet hair from upholstered surfaces. Some Dyson handheld vacuums also have extension wands for cleaning up high or getting behind appliances.

Shark cordless vacuums are essentially sweepers which are great for quick cleaning of area rugs, low pile carpet, and solid flooring when you don’t need the full power of a vacuum. Shark also offers handhelds that are great for cleaning up dry spills and are especially useful for parents with young children or in the garage.