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SEBO Canisters

SEBO Canisters
SEBO Canisters

Canister vacuums by SEBO are specially designed to excel at cleaning, while maintaining ease-of-use and portability. Easy to store and providing extreme versatility via attachments, SEBO canister vacuums are a great choice for the space-conscious consumer. SEBO designs its canister models to the same exacting standards that have made SEBO a household name the world over. The canister models also provide the largest cleaning radius of any SEBO vacuum, granting users the ability to clean the entirety of even a large room, without the need to change electrical outlets.

SEBO’s canister models provide an ample cleaning radius with an operating range up to 50 ft. and a plethora of attachments to help users tackle countless cleaning situations, making them the perfect tool for tidying a varied household environment.

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