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Rotho Twin Steam Cleaner Accessories

Rotho Twin Steam Cleaner Accessories
Rotho Twin Steam Cleaner Accessories

Rotho Twin steam cleaners are exceptional machines, but some users need special tools and attachments. Whether you are looking for a turbo brush to steam clean carpets, or an easier attachment for stair cleaning with your Rotho Twin Steam Cleaner, Vacuum Direct carries these items at the lowest prices online.

Additionally, your Rotho steam cleaner has two filters, a HEPA and a Micro-filter, that will need to be maintained in order to get the best clean and the longest life out of your Rotho Twin Cleaning System. 

Depending on use, the HEPA filter should be cleaned at least every six months with water (never use detergent or scrub with abrasive materials). If cleaning your HEPA filter does not improve performance in your machine, you should replace the filter with a new one. Also, the filter must be completely dry before being placed back into the machine. For this reason, it is convenient to keep an extra HEPA filter on hand. 

The Micro-filter in the Rotho Twin Cleaning Machines cannot be cleaned and re-used. This filter should be replaced every six months with a new replacement.

You can find all of your Rotho accessories here in one place at Call us with your questions, we are here to help.