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Green Vacuum Cleaners

Green Vacuum Cleaners
Green Vacuum Cleaners

In today’s environment, the notion of green products has become a popular topic. Knowledgeable consumers are choosing to purchase products that have been manufactured to consume less energy, create less waste, and operate efficiently with the environment while handling multiple demands with one product. With this in mind, we have created a Green Vacuum Cleaners category to outline forward thinking brands and the vacuums they have created with our environment in mind.

While some of these products are considered green because they are manufactured with the environment in mind, others go beyond this to offer even greater energy savings or reduce the use of harmful chemicals contributing to environmental breakdowns. The energy efficient vacuums are manufactured with nontoxic materials that are not harmful to your family or the environment. For example, the exterior coatings of the Miele vacuums are lead-free. Another example is the type of lighting provided on your vacuum - many models offer lighting, but few offer LED lighting as is found in many of the Miele models.

A common problem found with vacuum cleaners is that they are considered disposable. You purchase a $100 vacuum, it works for a year, you throw it out and purchase another one. With vacuum cleaning appliances filling the landfills, another important aspect to a green vacuum cleaner is its lifespan. This is yet another reason Miele vacuums are part of our green vacuum cleaner lineup because they offer a legendary 20-year tested product durability that dramatically reduces waste and disposal issues.

Rug Doctor cleaners are also included in this energy efficient vacuum cleaner category for several reasons. First and foremost, shampooing and cleaning carpets is much better on the environment than replacing carpets, as many carpets are made from synthetic materials. Rug Doctor cleaning products are also available in eco-friendly lines that naturally biodegrade in wastewater, are pesticide free, and are made from recycled or reclaimed materials that can be remanufactured and contain no dyes or phosphates. Additionally, the packaging and the trigger sprayer is fully recyclable.