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Shop Vacuum Cleaners

Shop Vacuum Cleaners
Shop Vacuum Cleaners

Shop vacuums serve a very specific purpose: efficiently cleaning the wet or dry messes created in a shop type environment. Garages, work shops, manufacturing facilities, and similar work places often encounter a messes that your standard vacuum cleaner is simply not equipped to tackle.

Shop vacuums are typically wet/dry vacuums that are designed in varying styles to tackle general to very specific mess types. Shop-Vac, for example, manufactures wet/dry vacuums in varying tank sizes, tank materials, and motor power so that the need of any private or commercial entity can be met. Certain spills may require containment in a steel vessel, while others may only need a plastic receptacle to store debris.

Some particle collection would also ruin the insides of a standard household vacuum, like the collection of sawdust. Shop vacuums are designed to handle these types of messes and often offer attachments for these types of cleaning tasks.