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Hoover Vacuum Hoses

Hoover Vacuum Hoses
Hoover Vacuum Hoses

There are only so many areas you can vacuum with your Hoover vacuum's cleaner head, but you can get the rest with the help of a genuine Hoover vacuum hose.

Genuine Hoover vacuum hose assemblies are sold with a set length of hose with two end caps, one on each end. Hoover vacuum hoses are often reinforced for metal wire so that they maintain their shape and do not kink, providing continuous suction without hiccups or interruptions.

One of the end caps will allow you to attach the Hoover vacuum hose to your machine, and the other end cap is designed to allow you to attach a number of Hoover accessory tools. With a genuine Hoover vacuum hose you enhance the cleaning capabilities of your Hoover vacuum cleaner. Hoover accessory tools make it easy to clean in tight areas, clean fabrics, and more.

If you find that your Hoover vacuum hose is not long enough to reach the precise place you require, consider ordering a genuine Hoover vacuum extension hose, available for many Hoover WindTunnel upright vacuums. A Hoover WindTunnel extension hose will give you fifteen extra feet of strong, wire-reinforced genuine Hoover vacuum hose to get you the reach you need to clean every spot in your home, from the basement ductwork to the attic ceiling. The genuine Hoover extension hose will fit at the end of your existing Hoover vacuum hose and also accept Hoover tools and cleaning accessories at the other end.

It is important to only use a genuine Hoover vacuum hose, because only genuine Hoover OEM replacement parts are guaranteed to be a match for your Hoover vacuums. Generic parts may not be a perfect fit, decreasing suction and vacuum performance. Genuine Hoover replacement hose parts will attach seamlessly to your Hoover vacuum, giving uninterrupted suction and a sealed conduit from the end of the hose to your vacuum’s bag or dirt chamber. So, a genuine Hoover hose assembly cleans smoother and cleans cleaner.

On you can find genuine Hoover vacuum hose assemblies for many different Hoover floor cleaning series. We carry hose assemblies for Hover WindTunnel upright vacuums, Hoover PortaPower canister vacuums, Hoover SteamVac cleaners, and more!