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Vacuum Accessories

Vacuum Accessories
Vacuum Accessories

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Vacuum Direct offers a full selection of accessories for your vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. Shop our wide selection of vacuum attachments, and find the perfect tool for every cleaning job in your home.

Vacuum accessories are an integral part of getting the most out of your vacuum cleaner investment. Every vacuum cleaner manufacture also develops different accessories for use with their various vacuum cleaner models. Many vacuums will come with a basic set of accessories and depending on the life of the actual vacuum some of these may need to be replaced due to wear over time.

There are often many additional accessories not provided with the vacuum that a consumer may choose to purchase separately. Popular accessories purchased later include mini turbine head attachments that offer a smaller turbine tool or turbo brush for cleaning stairs, car interiors, and upholstery where pet hair may be a concern. Items like radiator brush attachments are also available and are sold separately because many people purchasing a vacuum have no need for a radiator brush so this makes an excellent add on item for consumers with radiators for heat in the home.

Additional popular accessories include extension tubes or wands, as well as longer crevice tools for cleaning tight spaces that the standard crevice tool just can’t reach. Accessory kits are also great for reaching a variety of cleaning needs in one, convenient purchase. Car cleaning kits are among the most popular, allowing users to take their full-sized home vacuum to another area that needs regular cleaning.