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Kenmore Vacuum Brush Bars

Kenmore Vacuum Brush Bars
Kenmore Vacuum Brush Bars

Vacuum brushes see a lot of wear and tear during normal use, so make sure that you replace the brush bar assembly in your Kenmore vacuum with a high quality replacement part from

Genuine Kenmore brush bars are produced by their original part manufacturers, such as Panasonic. This is because Sears, who owns the Kenmore brand, contracts the construction of their vacuums out to industry experts in order to assemble the best vacuum cleaners for the home consumer.

A brush bar assembly is the Kenmore vacuum part that comes in contact with the floor and is responsible for agitating the debris so that it is taken in by the vacuum’s air stream. If your vacuum cleaner has suction but it is still not picking up debris from the floor, you may need to replace your brush bar. Luckily for you, a Kenmore brush bar assembly has everything you need to completely replace your Kenmore vacuum brush, including a bar, bristles, and end caps for mounting the assembly to your Kenmore vacuum’s cleaner head. Even the best brush bar assembly has to be replaced periodically due to regular wear and tear. When the bristles start to be worn away on your Kenmore brush bar, it is time to order a new one.

When you are replacing your Kenmore beater bar assembly, you should also check the condition of your vacuum belts. Because the two parts are intimately tied together in terms of function, problems with one can cause issues for the other. By properly maintaining your brush bar assembly and vacuum belts, you can help prolong the operational life of both parts.

Genuine Kenmore vacuum brush bars feature durable materials to maximize the lifespan of the part. By using genuine Kenmore OEM replacement brush bar assembly, you will be obtaining optimum performance from your Kenmore vacuum cleaner because all of the OEM parts in your machine will have been designed to function perfectly together.

Your vacuum brush roll is one of the hardest working parts in your vacuum, so be sure that you have a healthy Kenmore brush in your vacuum for the best cleaning results.