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Green Klean Air Purifiers

Green Klean Air Purifiers
Green Klean Air Purifiers

Green Klean Commercial Air Scrubbers will restore the air in your facility to create a healthier and more productive environment. These Air Scrubbers are ideal for office buildings, schools or daycares, pet grooming and boarding centers, hospitality facilities, spas and salons and nursing homes.  The Air Scrubbers work without creating harmful ozone. Create clean, crisp, healthier to breath air with the Green Klean Air Scrubbers.

The Green Klean Commercial Air Scrubbers are designed to run efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will remove 99.98% of airborne particulates down to 0.1 micron in size which is the size of many allergens as well as some viruses and bacteria and mold spores.  These Air Scrubbers clean even better than a HEPA filter would clean.

Green Klean Commercial Air Scrubbers are made of highly robust ABS materials for a lifetime of durability. They are assembled by an 85 year old company in the USA. These Air Scrubbers are sold in over 40 countries. Despite their durability, these machines are highly portable and can easily be moved from one room to another.

The Green Klean Air Scrubbers work by taking in air from the bottom from all 360 degrees and releasing in at the top, again at all 360 degrees. The machines work in this way to prevent pollution and allergens from being stirred up.

When bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold spores and other harmful gases get trapped inside a building; that building can have what is known as “sick building syndrome." Some of the symptoms experienced by those inside the building might include headaches, dry cough, allergies and asthmas attacks, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, ear, nose and throat infections as well as repertory problems. Indoor air pollution is a threat to millions of Americans each and every day. These Air Scrubbers will eliminate the “sick” building and give your business a greener indoor environment.  Green Klean Commercial Air Scrubbers are your best way to create green, clean air in your building.  Fresh, clean, crisp air is created by the Green Klean Commercial Air Scrubbers. Everyone wins with clean air; employees feel better and there for are more productive. The Green Klean Commercial Air Scrubbers will help to create a healthier, odor-free air environment.

The Green Klean Air Scrubbers will change the air over 2 times per hour when on low, 4 times per hour on medium and 8 times per hour on high.