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Blueair Purifiers

Blueair Purifiers
Blueair Purifiers

Award Winning Blueair Air Purifiers:

If you are looking for a genuine Blueair filter, be sure to look at our inventory to get the right filter for your air purifier.

Blueair Air purifiers are beautifully designed and function exceptionally well at filtering microscopic particles from your indoor air. For anyone suffering from poor indoor air quality, consider a Blue Air purifier for your home.

Blueair air purifiers set themselves apart from the competition by utilizing an impeccable design coupled with super-effective filtration to provide a healthy breathing environment. The great thing about Blueair purifiers is that there exists a model for nearly any size room and each unit provides a comprehensive clean-air solution designed to last a lifetime. Blueair home air cleaners are also distinguished by possessing some of the highest Clean air delivery rates (CADR) in the industry. Clean air delivery rate is determined by two factors: the amount of clean air that is cycled through the room by the home air filter and the rate at which clean air is produced.

Blueair purifiers, such as the 203, 403, and 503, utilize patented HEPASilent Technology to provide results that outshine both mechanical and electrostatic filtration alone. Each home air filter is specially designed to be energy efficient and maintain whisper-quiet operation, making them a great option in places where noise-level can be a concern, such as a bedroom or nursery. Blue Air purifiers have also been celebrated for their environmentally-friendly design, with the Blueair ECO10 purifier serving as a shining example of a machine that provides air free of impurities, while using only the bare-minimum in energy resources.

Blueair also provides home air cleaners that specialize in gas and odor filtration, along with specialized models that come with several convenient amenities. The 450E and 650E, for example, can be operated from afar by remote and are even capable of automatically adjusting air-speed through the use of sensor technology.

Consumer Blueair Reviews

"I bought the Blueair 650E to cut down on the air pollution coming into my flat. Using the SmokeStop filter, I was able to notice a drastic improvement in quality of the air and the smell of my home. I am extremely happy with my Blueair 650E because I can feel that I am breathing healthier air than before. While I wish the filter lasted longer, I have only a very positive experience with my Blueair 650E. Even Consumer Reports rated it as one the top performing air purifiers. I would definitely recommend the Blueair 650E to anyone living in a city with air pollution." - Matthew Schmidt, California

"Is it possible to love an air purifier this much? We purchased our Blueair 450E to help with my husband’s allergies. Not only did they improve, but our Blueair 450E also reduced the amount of dusting I have to do. With the amount of time it saves me on my cleaning, I want to order a second Blueair for another room in our home! " - Ann McPherson, Georgia
"My Blueair EC010 works great for my apartment. It is quiet enough that my friends don’t know that I have it running and I haven’t seen any impact on my utility bill after running it non-stop for three months. I would recommend the Blueair ECO10 to a friend." - Lyle Davis (Seattle, Washington)