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Dyson Accessories

Dyson Accessories
Dyson Accessories

Dyson provides a wide range of accessories for their award-winning vacuums, designed to help you tackle virtually any cleaning task that comes your way. Engineers make Dyson accessories to the same exacting standards that have come to define their high-performance home cleaning machines, even going so far as to take a leading stance in accessory form and function.

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Dyson recognizes the advantage of packaging useful and complimentary tools together in order to provide the best cleaning for nearly any situation. A Dyson Kit exists for almost any cleaning scenario, each serving as a bundle of the most pertinent and complimentary accessories for a given task. For example, the Dyson Car Cleaning Kit contains three high-quality Dyson vacuum attachments to help you make quick work of the sometimes arduous task of cleaning your vehicle. A Car Turbine Head specializing in upholstery, a Flexi Crevice Tool for those tight spaces, and a Stiff Bristle Brush for dried mud or dirt are all contained within, providing a comprehensive cleaning package that saves you money over purchasing each piece separately. A Dyson Asthma and Allergy Kit, Groom Tool Kit, Pet Clean-Up Kit, and more, exist to help you obtain all the helpful tools you could possibly need to tackle virtually any situation.

Aside from the relatively simple Dyson attachments found in their comprehensive Kit offerings, Dyson also provides a broad range of advanced cleaning heads, like the Tangle-Free Turbine Tool, that attach to canisters and uprights alike. With the Tangle-Free Turbine Tool in your repertoire, you’ve got arguably the greatest tool for removing pet and human hair from both carpets and upholstery. Its design incorporates counter-rotating heads that make tangled brush rollers a thing of the past. Other Dyson vacuum attachments, like the Mini Turbine Head and Multi-Angle Brush, grant effective cleaning for a multitude or hard, upholstered, and carpeted surfaces. In addition to these durable polymer Dyson attachments, Dyson’s Zorb Carpet Cleaner and Maintenance Powder makes for an excellent solution to the problem of stained or otherwise deeply-dirty carpets.