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Kirby Vacuum Parts

Kirby Vacuum Parts
Kirby Vacuum Parts

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Kirby parts including brush rolls, vacuum belts, vacuum hoses, and vacuum power cords typically need to be replaced over time and come at a much more affordable rate than a brand new vacuum.


Kirby brush rolls can become worn after years of use. Every time you use your vacuum the brush roll is spinning through the carpet pile to stir up dust and debris to then be sucked into the vacuum bag. When going from carpet to solid floors or when vacuuming over a large object the brush roll can become damaged. The bristles on the brush roll also become worn as a natural side effect of vacuuming carpets regularly. Replacing a brush roll is an easy process and a great way to maintain the life of your Kirby vacuum.

Kirby vacuum belts, or any vacuum belt for that matter, will need to be replaced from time to time. The vacuum cleaner belt is responsible for rotating the brush bar as you vacuum. Belts are manufactured in a flat or geared variety and become worn due to regular use. A common sign that the vacuum belt needs to be replaced is the presence of a burning smell coming from the vacuum. When this occurs, stop the vacuum immediately and replace the belt to prevent further damage to the machine or damage to your floors.

Kirby vacuum hoses may also occasionally need to be replaced. Vacuum cleaner hoses suffer from one of two casualties; the hose is either clogged and cannot be unclogged, or damaged by puncture or is crushed. If the hose is clogged excess work is placed on the vacuum motor which can cause irreversible damage. If the hose is punctured, suction is depleted due to air escaping through the hole.

Kirby power cords are another vacuum part that may need replacement over the years. The power cable to your Kirby vacuum can be worn from years of winding and unwinding, or mishaps like vacuuming over the cord or stepping on the prongs. Never use a vacuum with a damaged power cord, especially if wires are visible as this could cause physical damage to the person operating the machine or to the home