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Cleaning & Detergents

Cleaning & Detergents

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Vacuum Direct offers an array of cleaning products and detergents for keeping your home, appliances, and laundry clean. Steam carpet cleaners like the rug doctor utilize specific, proprietary detergents for cleaning your carpets. offers these items in various sizes for both commercial requirements and individual needs.

Vacuum Direct also offers detergents for laundry needs. Some washing machines require specific detergents such as high-energy, and some individuals require specialized detergents such as sensitive skin. Through two highly regarded brands we are able to offer several solutions to these cleaning needs. The Miele Care Collection detergents are specially designed for various clothing and machine cleaning needs. Miele offers liquid and powder detergents in specialized formulas for whites, colors, and sensitive skin. They also offer specialized detergents for outdoor laundry, down comforter or pillow laundering, and fabric protector reproofing agent, and a specialized sportswear liquid detergent. Of course, delicate wool detergent and fabric softeners are available.

The Miele Care Collection also features specialized detergents for the dishwasher, a cooktop and stainless steel cleaner. The products available for the dishwasher aren’t just for washing dishes. Miele offers a dishwasher conditioner, a water softening salt, and a dishwasher freshener.