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Kenmore Vacuum Bags

Kenmore Vacuum Bags
Kenmore Vacuum Bags

The Kenmore line of vacuum cleaners by Sears offers advanced home appliance technology for the everyday consumer.  In order to maximize vacuum performance, it is important to regularly change out your vacuum bag.  As a vacuum bag fills beyond two-thirds capacity, its ability to filter out dust and debris particles from the air diminishes.  To keep your cleaning power at its peak, you should change your vacuum bags around the two-thirds fill point.  Using bags that are full or overfilled may even run the risk of spilling dirt into your vacuum, damaging the internal components of your vacuum.

The aftermarket Kenmore replacement vacuum bags available from will help you to keep your Kenmore vacuum operating for years to come. Brands such as Dust Vacuum Corp. specialize in producing high-performance, high-quality Kenmore vacuum bags that are no longer available from the original equipment manufacturer. This way, you can still find bags designed for your Kenmore vacuum cleaner without having to break the bank.

If you are looking to maximize the particle capture and filtration of your vacuum, some of the Kenmore vacuum bags make use of a HEPA filter medium. HEPA filters can capture 99.97% of all air particles as small as 0.3 microns. Using HEPA filter bags in your Kenmore vacuum will help you to remove pollen, pet dander, fine dust particles, fungal spores, and even bacteria from your home just by vacuuming. Using HEPA filter bags may help reduce the symptoms of indoor allergies and asthma by removing potential triggers that have been embedded in your carpet.

Remember that a vacuum is only as good as the bags that it uses, so be sure that you always have a quality replacement vacuum bag on hand for your Kenmore vacuum cleaner. It is also important to change bags when they are around three-fourths full in order to maximize the filtration capabilities of the bag. When you notice you are running low on bags, it is a good idea to place your order for replacement Kenmore vacuum bags before your last bag fills up. Keep ahead of the maintenance cycle with