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Bissell Vacuum Parts

Bissell Vacuum Parts
Bissell Vacuum Parts

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Occasionally, various parts on your Bissell vacuum cleaner may need to be replaced. At Vacuum Direct, we aim to carry those parts that consumers typically require for quick repairs on their own. Certain vacuum parts on any vacuum will require replacement from regular wear and tear after many years of use. These parts are typically brush rolls, vacuum belts, vacuum hoses, and vacuum power cords.

Your Bissell vacuum may need to have the brush roll or brush bar replaced for several reasons. Over time, the bristles on the brush roll can become worn and are then less effective at brushing dirt from carpet pile. Alternatively, certain items can also damage the brush bar including hair or string, which will also require replacing the brush bar.

The most common part to be replaced on your Bissell vacuum cleaner is the vacuum belt. Vacuum belts are responsible for turning the brush bar in the cleaner head of the vacuum. Just like the tires on your car, rubber belts become worn after years of use. Without the belt, though, the brush bar is rendered useless. If you ever smell a burning smell coming from your vacuum, immediately turn it off as this is a sign that the belt needs to be replaced. Most Bissell vacuum belts come in a pack of two so you always have an extra on hand.

Vacuum hoses are another common item for replacement on your Bissell vacuum. If the hose becomes punctured or flattened air cannot flow through the hose efficiently, which renders the hose useless and puts extra wear on the vacuum itself. Hoses can also become clogged when larger items become lodged in the hose and small debris or hair collects around the larger item. When these clogs cannot be dislodged, replace the hose, rather than replacing the entire vacuum.

Power cords can also become worn or broken throughout the lifetime of a vacuum. If you run over the power cable with the cleaner head or if you step on the prongs and bend or break them you will need to replace your Bissell power cord. Replacing the power cord on your vacuum is much more affordable than replacing the vacuum as a whole.