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Vacuum Parts

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Vacuum replacement parts can require replacement over time. Shop our ever-growing selection of vacuum cleaner parts from belts, power cords, hoses, brushbars and more.

From time to time, any household appliance may require repair of regularly used parts. Vacuum cleaners have several wear and tear items that are cheap and easy to repair including vacuum cleaner belts, brushbars, hoses or power cords. For your convenience, Vacuum Direct offers an assortment of commonly repaired vacuum replacement parts for top vacuum brands. Our inventory includes Miele, SEBO, Bissell, Dyson vacuum cleaner parts and more. Our inventory expands daily, if you do not see the part you require don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-866-927-4327.

Vacuum cleaner belts are the most common item to break on any vacuum. Most belts are attached to the brushbar and come in either a geared or a flat variety. If your vacuum emits a burning smell this is an indication that your belt needs to be replaced. A malfunctioning or broken vacuum belt will not spin the brushbar in the cleanerhead of your vacuum, rendering the brushbar useless for cleaning carpets. Replacing a vacuum belt is a simple task and it’s best to keep an extra belt on hand for your vacuum cleaner.

The second most common vacuum replacement part is the brushbar. Brushbars can easily become entangled with hair, carpet fibers or string. While these items can be cut away from the brushbar, occasionally the bristles become damaged from tightly wound strands on the bar. A brushbar may also become damaged when vacuuming over items like small toys. A brushbar replacement is cheap and inexpensive.

Vacuum hoses and powercords are two other items that occasionally need to be replaced on a vacuum cleaner. Over time hoses can crack or split, rendering them useless due to a complete lack of suction. Large items may also become stuck in the hose that cannot be dislodged. Many vacuum cleaner brand’s hoses are an easy snap on/snap off assembly so a repair is easy and requires little to no tools. Power cords may also require replacement. This consumable often meets its demise as a result of being vacuumed over. You should never use a vacuum cleaner that has a frayed or damaged power cord. Replacing a power cable varies in complexity depending on the vacuum model.