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Miele Irons & Presses

Miele Irons & Presses
Miele Irons & Presses
Impeccable quality is literally at your fingertips with the Miele rotary iron series.  For those who are not willing to compromise on a single feature, the Miele rotary irons are sure to impress.  Whether your ironing projects are large or small, the Miele rotary iron allows you to complete the job quickly and comfortably.  Sit down to a Miele iron and you will quickly see the smart, German engineering come alive, and when you are finished, simply fold it up and roll it into its storage space until you are ready to use it again.  We are confident that ironing can become a joy when using the Miele rotary irons.
Consider purchasing a full-size press, rather than a traditional hand iron.  There are many facets to consider when using a press, such as the efficiency and comfort that are standard features.  With a rotary iron or press, large amounts laundry are completed with a smooth, professional finish in little time.  Tablecloths and sheets can also be pressed quickly due to the large roller sizes of rotary irons, rather than the smaller surface area of a hand iron.  Additionally, the safety features in a rotary iron are unparalleled.  With safety guards to protect your fingers, and auto-off when not in use, the chances of accidental burns are few.
Are you ready to save time with a rotary iron?