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Kenmore Vacuum Belts

Kenmore Vacuum Belts
Kenmore Vacuum Belts

A vacuum belt is the hardest working part in any vacuum cleaner. Kenmore vacuum belts are responsible for driving all of the moving parts, so they are subjected to quite a bit of wear and tear just through normal day-to-day vacuuming operations.

A torn belt can bring your entire cleaning schedule to halt, which is why Vacuum carries high-quality Kenmore replacement belts. With a spare Kenmore vacuum belt, you can be back to vacuuming in no time with all of the power you are used to with your Kenmore vacuum cleaner.

Regular belt changes are an important part of vacuum maintenance.  When you use a worn belt, you risk having the belt break during operation, which can cause damage to the other components of your vacuum cleaner.  Don’t risk damaging your vacuum: replace your Kenmore belts at the first signs of wear and tear.  If your vacuum seems to be running fine but will not pick up debris from your floor, check to see if your brush bar assembly is turning.  If the brush bar does not turn, check the drive belt.  One of the most common problems with brush rollers is a broken belt.  Keep your vacuum running and your brush bar rolling with a high quality Kenmore vacuum belt.  Indeed, one of the first vacuum parts to check when things go wrong is the belt.  By keeping your vacuum belts in good repair, you will be keeping your vacuum’s muscle healthy.