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Kenmore Filters

Kenmore Filters
Kenmore Filters

Sears assembles the best vacuum cleaner technology from the most elite manufacturers in the industry to build the machines in their Kenmore line.  Kenmore vacuum filters are used to enhance the cleaning functionality of your Kenmore vacuum, ensuring that more debris and contaminants are removed from your vacuum’s air stream.  This not only provides you with cleaner air to breathe in your home, but also helps to protect your Kenmore vacuum’s motor from debris impact damage.

Replacement Kenmore filters will enable your vacuum to resume the high performance you have come to expect from a Kenmore vacuum cleaner.  Regularly changing the filter will ensure a consistently high level of particle filtration, improving the quality of your air after using your Kenmore vacuum.

While some vacuum cleaners use their vacuum bag to double as a particle filter, other vacuums use one or more dedicated filters to maximize particle removal. Kenmore vacuum filters help to reduce the amount of dirty air returned to your room during vacuuming. In conjunction with their top-quality vacuum filter bags, dedicated Kenmore vacuum filters will help to capture particulate irritants that may be embedded in your rug, ensuring that they are not stirred into your air to be breathed into your lungs. Using a clean filter may help reduce indoor allergies and asthma symptoms by keeping the harmful particle triggers trapped inside your vacuum until you can safely dispose of them.

By regularly replacing your Kenmore vacuum filter, you will be ensuring that you are getting the best performance possible from your elite Kenmore vacuum. Filter effectiveness will deteriorate if the filter fibers become clogged with particles, so it is important to follow the filter replacement guidelines laid out by the filter manufacturer. Using genuine Kenmore OEM replacement filters will ensure the best fit, which is essential for improved air filtration. A perfectly fitting filter will ensure that dirty air cannot bypass the filter, as might happen with a sub-optimal fit from a third-party, generic part. If a generic filter is too small, gaps in filter chamber will permit dirty air to leak by. If a generic filter is too large, it may not properly fit to the shape of your filter chamber, risking leakage. Avoid this by ensuring that your filter is a top-performing, perfectly sized genuine Kenmore OEM replacement filter.