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ProTeam Vacuum Bags

ProTeam Vacuum Bags
ProTeam Vacuum Bags

The ProTeam vacuum company manufactures high quality vacuum bags for all of their high-performance vacuums.

The first line of defense in ProTeam's Four Level Filtration system is ProTeam’s Intercept Micro Filter vacuum bags. Specially designed to reduce and control allergens and air pollutants, their double-pleated construction offers 21% more filtration area and allows a longer filter life. The material used in the Intercept Micro Filter captures microscopic debris that standard paper bags can’t handle, and also inhibits growth of bacteria and mold within the vacuum bag. The Intercept Micro Filter traps and retains more dust inside the bag and keeps it away from the air you breathe.

ProTeam recommends changing the filter bag when it reaches 3/4 full for maximum performance. For maximum efficiency, use genuine ProTeam filter bags when available.