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Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick Vacuum Cleaners
Stick Vacuum Cleaners

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Stick vacuums are a great way to quickly clean floors without having to pull out your full-sized vacuum. These vacs are great for those in-between cleanings where you don’t necessarily need a deep clean, but rather a quick surface clean.

Stick vacuums are available from an array of manufacturers including Dyson, Miele, and Shark. We have also included SEBO, though the vacuums showcased in the SEBO stick vacuum category aren’t true stick vacs. These machines are full sized vacuums that offer the profile that is consistent with a stick vacuum.


Dyson stick vacuums are multi-purpose handheld/stick combination cleaning tools. The Dyson DC35 slim vacuum and DC44 animal slim vacuum are designed for quick cleaning all over the house. Their long reach wand makes them more than a handheld, in addition to their floor tool that can handle low pile carpets and solid flooring. These stick vacs are especially handy for the younger cleaners of your household because they are lightweight and easy to operate. Their versatility is also unmatched in the stick vacuum category because they offer the ability to clean flooring with the versatile floor tool, convert to a compact handheld for up close messes, and offer an array of tools for dusting, cleaning crevices, and removing pet hair.

The Miele stick vacuum is one of our favorite vacuum products available. One reason we love this compact vacuum is that it offers our favorite amenity of a full-sized Miele - ultimate filtration and bagged debris collection. Bagged debris collection is the superior way of retaining dust and debris collected by your vacuum and is an imperative choice for homes with allergy and asthma concerns. The Miele stick vacuum can also be outfitted with a HEPA filter, something not offered by other manufacturers in this category. Finally, the Miele stick vacuum can utilize a wide variety of floor tools making it almost as versatile as a canister vacuum. This machine has the ability to attach turbo brushes, combination floor tools and parquet tools to offer a deep clean of any floor style in your home. One difference to note with the Miele stick vac versus the other stick vacs we offer is that the Miele is corded, whereas others are non-powered or battery powered.

Shark stick vacs come in two varieties - a carpet sweeper or a cordless floor and carpet cleaner. Both Shark stick vacs utilize battery power and are designed for quick cleaning. The cordless sweeper essentially eliminates the need for sweeping with a broom and is much more efficient at that task. Additionally the cordless sweeper can also handle carpets. This machine has been reveled as a back saver and is great for someone looking for a lightweight floor cleaning option. The floor and carpet cleaner is similar to the sweeper but is better equipped for heavy-duty messes like food or other large debris.