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Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister Vacuum Cleaners
Canister Vacuum Cleaners

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Canister vacuums operate by using a wand and hose with a floor tool or other accessory connected and the body of the vacuum is pulled behind the user during the cleaning process. Dirt and debris enters the vacuum through the floor tool or accessory which is then sucked through the hose and deposited into a clear bin or vacuum bag in the canister body, depending on the model. Bagged canister vacuums are ideal for homes with pets or people with allergy and asthma concerns.

Canister vacuum cleaners are loved for their versatility and light operational weight. Canister vacuums also often offer consumers greater cleaning radius in addition to their flexibility and versatility. When purchasing a canister vacuum the greatest benefit to consider is the floor tool options offered by any specific brand. With the ability to utilize many different floor tools with one vacuum, the canisters are the superior option for homes with multiple floor styles looking for an optimal clean across those different surfaces. While an adjustable cleaner head on an upright may be great for varying carpet heights it really doesn’t compare to the ability to change to a specialized tool for those different flooring styles. If you have mostly hardwood or solid flooring throughout your home, an upright vacuum is generally not suggested for the best cleaning solution.

As mentioned above, homes with mostly hardwoods or solid flooring are better suited with a canister. Upright vacuums typically have a motorized brushbar in the cleaner head which may not offer the option to be turned off. A motorized brushbar will scratch polished hardwoods and some tile flooring. With a canister vacuum, the floor tool can be swapped out as required; on hardwoods the user would swap a powered floor tool with a spinning brushbar to a parquet style tool that gently yet efficiently cleans the solid floors. Canisters can also utilize a plethora of other attachments easily like a radiator brush or mini turbine tool to remove hair and debris from upholstered surfaces throughout the home or in the car.

The weight of a canister is also less of a factor for users because throughout the process of cleaning the user is only operating a wand, hose, and floor tool. This is great because users of any age can easily operate the vacuum without the concern of weight that is found with operating an upright vacuum cleaner.