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Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners
Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

Lightweight vacuums are commonly sought out for a variety of reasons. Not only are they easier for younger and older populations to operate, they are also better for multi-story homes that desire one vacuum to clean the entire space. Lightweight vacuums vary in style and function, but their major benefit is they don’t break the back on the daily or weekly chore of vacuuming. If vacuum machine weight is concerned, your best bet is always to go with a sweeper or a canister vacuum cleaner.


Canister vacuums glide on castor wheels or balls, and the majority of the weight consumed by the user is the hose, handle, and floor tool. This makes canister vacuums lightweight by nature. However, some canister bodies are lighter than others. Often what makes one canister lighter than another is the quality of materials used to manufacture the vacuum and its internal components.

Sweepers are great for users needing a lightweight floor care solution because just like canister vacs, the only weight the user is holding is a wand and floor tool. However, it’s difficult to get the same deep clean with a sweeper as it is with a traditional upright or canister vacuum. For homes with mostly carpets, a sweeper is not often recommended.

Stick vacuums are also incredibly light, but depending on the brand may suffer the same issues as a sweeper. Some stick vacuum models are incredibly versatile and can utilize various floor tools and attachments, while others are limited to very few cleaning options. Power in a stick vacuum can also be a concern if it is cordless because the user is dependent upon the battery life.