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Vacuum Filters

Vacuum Filters
Vacuum Filters

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Vacuum filters are crucial to the overall performance and lifespan of your vacuum. Shop our selection of vacuum cleaner filters to keep your vacuum cleaner performing in tip-top shape.

Vacuum filters are one of the most important feature of your vacuum cleaner. They come in many shapes and sizes as well as an array of functions. Some filters protect the motor from dust and debris, working to extend the life of the vacuum. Others filter expelling air before it leaves the vacuum so as not to redeposit debris back into the area you are cleaning. Some filters are HEPA, which is ideal for homes battling asthma or allergy concerns. Vacuum bags often work as an additional layer of filtration.

So when should you absolutely purchase a vacuum with a HEPA filter? Since not all vacuums come standard with HEPA, the general rule is that if you can answer yes to any of the following items then you should buy a vacuum with a HEPA filter:

Does your home have:

  • People with Allergies
  • People with Asthma
  • People with Chemical Sensitivities
  • Pets
  • Smokers
  • Young Children

Maintaining the filter(s) on your vacuum is crucial to your vacuum’s overall performance, lifespan, and the comfort within your home. Some filters are washable, typically these are pre-motor filters and should be cleaned every three to six months. HEPA filters are almost never washable, but only need to be replaced once a year under normal use. Filters are important because they eliminate allergens, prevent dust from getting back into the air while vacuuming, protect the integral working parts to your vacuum, and in some cases help lower emissions.

Genuine vs Generic:

Vacuum filters come in many manufacture options.

  • There are genuine filters which are made by the company that makes your vacuum. A genuine filter (often referenced to as OEM) is designed by the original equipment manufacturer and made to be used with your specific model.
  • A generic vacuum filter is made by a third party company and can often be used across various models. A generic filter isn’t necessarily better or worse for your vacuum, it really depends on the manufacturing process. For higher quality vacuums, though, a generic filter typically does not meet the same standards as a genuine filter.

In general, we will always suggest purchasing a genuine original equipment manufacturer replacement filter, especially if your vacuum is still under warranty (as using a generic filter may void your manufacturer warranty).