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Green Klean Filters

Green Klean Filters
Green Klean Filters
Green Klean air filters work in Green Klean’s Commercial Air scrubbers. These filters use carbon to help filter the air of gases, odors, and other air pollutants.

The Green Klean air filters remove 99.98% of particles in the air down to 0.1 micron in size. This is 3 times better than a HEPA filter which is the industry standard for air purification. These filters will reduce over 350 common low-level gases & odors from a variety of sources.  Some of these filters are designed to remove formaldehyde and other aldehydes such as acetaldehyde.

Carbon as a filter is proven to be ideal for a variety of applications including industrial processes and indoor air quality. Some of the applications for these filters include the reduction of gases, odors and formaldehyde, perfume, glue, adhesive, furniture, embalming fluid, dye, ink, lacquer, paint, varnish, drugs, disinfectants, carpeting, insulation, paper, plastics, plywood, particle board, rubber, wood preservers and many others.  These filters will also help with the removal of airborne pollutants including mold spores, pollen, pet dander, dust and mite feces, allergens and some germs and bacteria.

These filters are also ideal for any environment or industry that may have high concentration of harmful airborne pollutants or where there is a need to reduce airborne contaminants from construction. These also work for the removal and reduction of bacteria and germs in areas shared by individuals where the threat of sickness spreading is high or for low-odor conditions where dogs, cats, birds, fish and other pets and their dander are present.

These filters will help with the removal of odors including cooking and food, cleaning products, remodeling and construction materials and other contaminants. These filters will work in the Air Scrubbers ideally in an office settings, schools and daycares, pet grooming and boarding centers, hospitality facilities, spas and salons, nursing homes and with dust removal from remodeling.

Air pollutants can reduce indoor air quality and cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, eye, nose and threat infections, dry coughs and fatigue for those inside. These filters will help to ride the air of the pollutants that cause these symptoms and restore your building back to a healthy state. These filters will work with the air scrubbers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your building’s air its best.

Green Klean Air Scrubbers are assembled in the USA by a company that is 85 years old. These filters are made of highly durable materials.