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Dyson Heaters & Fans

Dyson Heaters & Fans
Dyson Heaters & Fans

Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fans have revolutionized the way we stay cool during the hot summer months over the course of the last two years. In fact, the Dyson Air Multiplier fan has been accepted into the permanent collection of two prominent museums: The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum at the Smithsonian Institution and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The Dyson bladeless fans have proven themselves not only highly effective, but a milestone in fan engineering and design for the first time since 1895.

With its sleek exterior and cutting-edge technology, the Dyson Air Multipliers became the forerunner of the next generation of fan-like appliances. The ingenious airfoil design provides a constant, consistent breeze without choppy airflow caused by traditional fan blades. Precise power controls like a dimmer switch put exactly the right amount of cooling where needed without leaving hot or cold spots. Plus, since none of the Dyson Air Multiplier fans use blades or grills, just simple contemporary design that enhances any space, cleaning this stylish appliance is quick and easy.

Dyson took this great success of the Air Multiplier Fans a step further with their newest product release, a Dyson fan-shaped space heater titled the Dyson Hot Air Multiplier Fan Heater. As you might have guessed from the name, the Dyson Hot utilizes the same technology to multiply air throughout a room as the original Dyson fans. Because the air is multiplied rather than chopped and buffeted, the Dyson fan heater heats a whole room faster than any other space heater on the market today. The heater has a host of benefits and specifications that make it special but one key benefit to the Dyson Hot is that it comes complete with a cooling fan function, too. So whether you need to heat up or cool down a room quickly with even, adjustable airflow the Dyson heater fan is ready for the task year round. This makes the Dyson Hot Air Multiplier an optimal purchase for families in fluctuating climates who are looking to offset their energy usage during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

Dyson Air Multiplier cooling fan models are available in 10" and 12" designs where the ten inch models come in blue/iron and white/silver, while the twelve inch model is available in silver/iron. For larger spaces that need cool, constant airflow Dyson offers both a pedestal style fan and a tower style fan. The Dyson pedestal fan is available in the color silver while the tower model is available in silver or an iron/blue color combination. The Dyson tower bladeless fan is a nice, space-saving option for rooms that do not have a lot of space to sacrifice for a fan, but are larger than a small office or bedroom. The smaller Dyson table fans are ideal for desks, small offices and bedrooms with limited space while the full-sized models can handle larger spaces that can accommodate a floor fan. The Dyson Hot heater is similar in shape to the tower fan but about half the size. The heater is available in either white/silver or iron/blue color combination.

Features that are present across all models of the Dyson Bladeless Air Multiplier Fans (including the heaters) are the airfoil design which actually multiplies the air in the space surrounding it while dispensing smooth air with no buffeting. All of the fans are considerably quieter than traditional fan or heating options, even on highest settings. Every model offers oscillation, touch-tilt, and safety features unparalleled to any cooling or heating device available. Each air multiplier fan provides high airflow and velocity, and each one is beautifully designed to be just as much a work of art as a heavily utilized household appliance. Also, the tower, pedestal, and hot models include a remote control for conveniently adjusting the fan from across the room. Browse the selection here and you will quickly learn why the Dyson bladeless fans are loved by moms, dads, children, gadget lovers, design savvy individuals and now people desiring a stylish, safe space heater without the problems posed by traditional portable room heaters. Since the first Air Multiplier Fan's release they have revolutionized the cooling market and the opulent features of the new heater easily make it the most revolutionary product to hit the space heating market in secondary heating source history.