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Rug Doctor Parts

Rug Doctor Parts
Rug Doctor Parts
After years of dedicated service your Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner may require some general maintenance or the replacement of some parts. Some replacement parts for your Rug Doctor are general items that incur wear and tear after use, while others may be a more serious repair. Either way, repairing your Rug Doctor is much more cost efficient than purchasing a new machine.

Common wear and tear items in your Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner include floor brushes and filter screens. Rug Doctor floor brushes contain bristles that can break or bend over time and thus not clean the carpets as thoroughly. In these instances, purchase a replacement brush for your Rug Doctor. Screens are another common item that can wear during the life of your Rug Doctor. Regular filter screens (like found in the reservoir that is filled with cleaning solutions) Dome filter screens, and filter strainer screens are available in the event you need to replace one.

For more in-depth repairs, Vacuum Direct offers replacement Rug Doctor motor kits for the Mighty Pro and Wide Track models. These are full, genuine replacement motors for your carpet cleaner. We also offer the Rug Doctor pump kit should you need to replace this part on your Mighty Pro, Wide Track, or Quick Dry machine.