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Royal Vacuum Bags

Royal Vacuum Bags
Royal Vacuum Bags

If you are looking to ensure the longevity of your Royal vacuum cleaner, be sure to use genuine Royal vacuum bags. Genuine Royal vacuum bags are a perfect fit for your Royal vacuum.

Royal created the Dirt Devil series vacuum cleaners, and the two brands continue to support each other. This is why Dirt Devil and Royal replacement parts are often interchangeable.

Using genuine Royal vacuum bags will ensure that your Royal metal vacuum can achieve the best performance possible. Only genuine Royal vacuum bags are guaranteed to be a perfect for your Royal vacuum. A perfectly fitting bag is essential to maximizing your vacuum’s cleaning performance, because it prevents air from slipping past the filtration mechanism as may be the case with a third-party manufacturers off brand part. Only genuine Royal and Dirt Devil vacuum bags are guaranteed to a perfect fit for your Royal vacuum cleaner.

There are two types of genuine Royal vacuum bags used by upright Royal metal vacuums: the inner disposable filter bag and the outer vacuum bag assembly. The inner disposable filter bag is your standard vacuum bag designed to capture and store dust, debris, and various dirty particles taken in by your vacuum. Many canister vacuums also use the inner disposable vacuum filter bag. The outer vacuum bag assembly is used by upright vacuums to contain an inner disposable filter bag and also to enhance the dust filtration and retention of the inner bag. An outer bag protects the inner bag from being punctured by some unforeseen accident. If the inner bag should leak, the outer bag assembly prevents the contents from being released into your room. Thus the genuine Royal outer vacuum bag assembly enhances the function of the inner filter bag and helps keep your home clean.