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Kirby Vacuum Bags

Kirby Vacuum Bags
Kirby Vacuum Bags

Kirby vacuum bags are one of the most integral components to the function of the Kirby vacuum. Their vacuum bags act as a level of filtration in addition to capturing all the dirt and debris consumed by the vacuum. Kirby offers various levels of bag filtration for every model of vacuum they retail. In addition to the disposable vacuum bags used with your Kirby, after years of use the external or outer bag which holds your disposable bag may also need to be replaced.

Kirby bags are retailed on a scale of filtration in three levels, basically good filtration, better filtration, and best filtration. The basic, or good filtration bag, is Kirby’s Micron Magic Disposable Filter Bag. These vacuum bags are economical and ideal for those that do not suffer from allergies or asthma and do not have pets, smokers, or young children in the home. The Kirby Micron Magic bags offer high filtration that filters fine particles.

Moving up to the better level of filtration, Kirby offers the Micron Magic Micro Particle Arrest Filter Bags. These filter bags utilize HEPA filtration to remove 99.97% of common household dust, pollen, mites, and other particles. While these are a step up from the Micron Magic bags, there is still yet a higher level of filtration bags offered by Kirby.

For the best level of filtration available, Kirby manufactures the Micron Magic MicroAllergen Reduction Filter Bags. Like the HEPA filtration of the Micro Particle Arrest bags these also remove 99.97% of household particles, but these vacuum bags also feature an electro-statically charged liner to trap sub-micron particles. The MicroAllergen Reduction bags are certified HEPA 11, a certification that ranks among the highest ratings available for vacuum bag filtration. For any individual suffering from allergies or asthma, these Kirby bags are the way to go. If indoor air quality is a concern, there is no better vacuum bag for use in your Kirby vacuum.