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Dirt Devil Vacuum Bags

Dirt Devil Vacuum Bags
Dirt Devil Vacuum Bags

Replacing your Dirt Devil vacuum bags on a regular basis is important to help keep your vacuum operating at its peak performance level. Vacuum Bags not only store dirt and debris picked up by your vacuum, but some of them also act as another filter for your vacuum. Dirt Devil manufactures bags for their upright, canister, and handheld vacuums. Some of these vacuum bags have been designed to filter out 99% of allergens from the air.

Dirt Devil has been building household vacuums for decades. The company started out as Royal Manufacturing, a brand of high-end vacuums constructed with metal cases. Royal developed a line of plastic case vacuums called Dirt Devil, which were more affordable for the public. Eventually Dirt Devil became the primary brand. Genuine Dirt Devil Vacuum Bags and Royal Vacuum Bags will have the name of either brand but are fully inter-compatible.

To fit the consumers needs, Dirt Devil manufactures both disposable paper and reusable cloth bags. Each genuine Dirt Devil bag is clearly labeled as to what vacuum it will work with to avoid any confusion for those placing an order.