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Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Cleaners
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Vacuum Cleaners are our specialty here at Vacuum Direct! We offer a full selection of vacuum cleaners for every cleaning need and budget.

Vacuum cleaners come in a vast array of sizes, styles, and brands. There are so many different features, price points, and specified uses for vacuum cleaners that choosing the right one for your needs can be a daunting task.

Because the market has become inundated with so many brands and models it can be difficult to choose a vacuum cleaner that meets your specific cleaning needs be it cleaning all surfaces or specializing in expertly cleaning specific surfaces.



Vacuum Direct is proud to offer solutions for every cleaning task you may require of a vacuum. Additionally, we carry brands to meet any budget without sacrificing quality. From cleaning wall to wall solid floors like hardwood or tile, to thoroughly cleaning various carpet styles, we can assist you in finding the perfect vacuum. Beyond cleaning capabilities, additional features exist for you to choose from. Do you desire an upright or a canister vacuum? Is air quality a feature you want your vacuum to contribute to or would you prefer an air purifier manage air quality while your vacuum simply cleans?

What about dirt collection? Homes with allergy and asthma concerns do themselves a disservice if they choose a bagless vacuum, while bagged vacuums will require additional consumable purchases. However, a bagged vacuum may last longer than a bagless due to the dirt not cycling near or around the vacuum’s motor. The question of bagged v. bagless also often directly leads to filter options. Many vacuums come with HEPA filters, but not all of them do and sometimes this is an upgrade to a machine.

Then there is the question of attachments, accessories, and customization. Does your vacuum need to tackle pet hair? What about appliance cleaning? If you can define the broad range of services you need out of your vacuum during your search, then you will be much happier with the product you purchase in the end.