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Hoover Vacuum Belts

Hoover Vacuum Belts
Hoover Vacuum Belts

Hoover vacuums have been cleaning floors for over a hundred years, and genuine Hoover vacuum cleaner belts have been keeping those vacuums running for all of those years. A vacuum belt undergoes some of the most wear and tear of any vacuum component over the course of everyday use.

Vacuum belts are responsible for turning and operating many of the integral components of your Hoover vacuum cleaner, including the brush roller.

It is important to regularly monitor your Hoover belts for signs of wear or tear. Using a heavily worn belt could cause it to break mid-operation, potentially damaging your vacuum cleaner. Keep your Hoover vacuum running smoothly by using strong, fresh genuine Hoover belts. Made from quality rubber, genuine Hoover vacuum belts will be a perfect fit for your machine. Using generic vacuum belts could jeopardize the health of the rest of your Hoover vacuum cleaner. Third-party belts may not be the correct size. If they are too large, a generic belt may not adequately turn components in the vacuum. If too small, a third-party belt might cause undue stress on the other parts, causing them to wear out faster. Avoid damaging your Hoover vacuum by using only genuine Hoover vacuum belts. Genuine Hoover replacement belts are guaranteed to be the perfect tension for the optimum function of your Hoover vacuum.

Hoover vacuum belts typically come in three variety: flat, geared, and v-shaped. A flat belt features a smooth inner surface. A V-belt features a trapezoidal wedge-shaped inner surface which interfaces a v-shaped groove on the pulley or sheave. V-belts are used to improve torque transmission, reduce the belt width needed for increased loads, and decrease the chance of having the belt slip. A geared belt (also called a timing belt, toothed, notch synchronous, or cog belt) features grooves along the inner surface which interface with the gears on the part they are responsible for turning. Timing belts require the least amount of tension of the various belt shapes. A properly tensioned tooth belt will feature no slippage and run a a constant speed, improving overall performance.

Find the genuine Hoover belt you need for your Hoover vacuum on You can find quality Hoover belts of all three shapes made by genuine Hoover original equipment manufacturers.