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Boundless quality and value await when purchasing an iron from Vacuum Direct. Within our selection of home and commercial ironing solutions, you’ll find top-notch offerings from Miele and Reliable, along with a vast array of accessories designed to help you maintain crisp and organized shirts, sheets, tablecloths, dresses, and more.

The B 990 E Rotary Iron by Miele brings a high-output, industrial design to your home with its fold-away mechanism and wheels, which allow it to be easily stored when not in use. The B 990 E’s wide-width roller allows for the pressing of shirts and pants, as well as bed linens and tablecloths without the need for the time-consuming act of changing rollers. The irons easy-to-use design allows users to maintain a comfortable sitting position during operation, useful when other housework remains a concern and your legs can be kept from becoming sore. Miele has also designed the machine for safety with a built-in finger guard that stops the roller’s rotation and lifts the heater plate off the roller if your fingers come too close to the hotplate. Miele is renowned for their timeless construction and attention to detail, so it comes as no surprise that the B 990 E Rotary Iron comes chock full of features that add to its already impressive value as a quick and efficient way of maintaining perfectly clean, crisp, orderly clothes and linens.

The fine Italian designers at Reliable also provide several home ironing solutions that excel at allowing users to keep all their linens impeccably pressed and maintained. Many of these home irons feature compact, handheld designs that make them ideal for the typical household. Reliable also offers several professional-grade steam table solutions, affording consumers the most efficient and comprehensive steaming and ironing solution around.