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Miele Vacuum five year extended warranty

Five Year Extended Warranty on All Miele Vacuum Purchases from

Miele has designed and engineered one of the finest vacuum lines available today. German craftsmanship and engineering ensure you are buying the best vacuum available. is proud to offer our customers extra insurance against the unexpected. All Miele vacuum purchases made from our site will include a Free 5 Year Extended Warranty. There is no hidden charge and nothing you need to do. We will automatically generate your free extended warranty through The Bankers Warranty Group under the name and address of the Purchaser. If you wish to have the warranty under another name, please indicate in the notes section of your order.

If service is required, where do I take my unit?: Bankers Warranty Group has an extensive network of nation wide factory authorized repair centers. Centers are staffed by courteous, trained professionals to assist with any service issues. Service is just a toll free call away at 1-800-431-5843.

Is this a trustworthy warranty?: Bankers Warranty Group has been in business for 25 years with extensive experience in warranty service. Warranties are fully insured and underwritten by an A.M - A rated carrier. Therefore, you can be assured your warranty and unit carries the best warranty available.

What if I have repeated problems with my unit?: Bankers Warranty Group has a No Lemon Guarantee. They may replace your unit if it experiences over three repeated failures after service has been performed.

Can I transer the warranty?: If the unit changes ownership or you move, the warranty is transferable and covereage will continue.

Are there any parts or service costs?: Parts and service are covered beyond Miele's standard warranty coverage. Dust bags, filters, and other standard wear parts are not covered. Please click on "complete warranty details" below to view full coverage details.

Do I need to do anything after purchase of my Miele vacuum to secure my warranty?: will initiate the warranty on your behalf through Bankrs Warranty Group. The warranty will be issued under the Buyers name, unless otherwise requested in the notes section of your order. In case the warranty is issued to the wrong party, it mat by fully transfered

Cick here for complete warranty details