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Shark Navigator vacuum

When considering a new product, like the Shark Navigator by Euro-Pro, consumers must review alternative products and form the best choice before making a household purchase. When comparing the Shark vacuum NV22 to Dyson models, it is important to note that only Dyson has patented Root cyclone technology and patented Ball technology. These advanced, proven technologies continue to keep Dyson vacuums heads above the competition.


Suction ability is often considered a primary factor in determining the performance of a vacuum. Manufacturers design models to look powerful and offer great eye appeal, but lack power and ease of use. When comparing the Shark Navigator NV22 to the Dyson DC25 vacuum, the Dyson offers 220 air watts of suction power versus 130 air watts for the Navigator vacuum cleaner NV22 (see table below). The Dyson DC25 clearly has a significant advantage.



Dyson DC25

Shark Navigator

Suction Rating

220 Air Watts

130 Air Watts


Ball Technology

Fixed Wheels

Patented Root Cyclone Technology



Weight (rounded to closest pound)



Wand / Hose

Quick Release

Requires Assembly


Ease of use equates to less work and getting the job done efficiently. This is where the Dyson also steps above the competition. Dyson’s Ball Technology allows the DC25 vacuum to twist and turn with ease. Cleaning around furniture and tight spaces can be accomplished quickly with minimal effort. Therefore, the Ball design provides a huge advantage over fixed wheels.


Many users neglect the ability of most vacuums to use accessories. This is due in part to the time it takes to remove the hose, assemble the wand, and then reverse the process once done. Here again, Dyson engineers overcame this nuisance by delivering a wand and hose combination that quickly releases, fully ready to use. With the DC25, there are no hoses to store, no wands to assemble, while the Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner requires typical wand assembly, and reverse storage once complete.


If you are looking for superior suction, ease of use, user friendly wand and hose configuration, along with patented Root cyclone technology, the Dyson remains on top across the board.