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Beam is a part of the Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems, based in Webster City, Iowa. Beam Manufacturing Company produces washing machines, dishwashers, and Beam "Doodlebug" scooters. The scooters were famous during World War II when gasoline rationing came into effect.

In 1957, Beam Manufacturing Company was sold and Beam Industries focused solely on central vacuum systems. On New Year's Day of 2007, Beam Industries became known as Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems featuring the central vacuum brands of Beam, Eureka, and Electrolux.

Beam Central Vacuum Systems are attractive, affordable, built-in appliances that appeal to a range of homeowners as well as the commercial sector. A system consists of a combination power unit/dirt collection receptacle, power brush, hose, and cleaning accessories for whole-home cleaning.

Pre-packaged kits, a detailed installation manual and video make a Beam Central Vacuum System easy for do-it-yourselfers to install. Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems have become the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of central vacuum systems with the company being a global market leader. Beam, Electrolux, and Eureka Central Vacuum Systems and accessories are sold in more than 50 countries.