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Blueair is a company founded in Sweden in 1996 that has today headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and Chicago, Illinois.

Each model of purifiers manufactured by Blueair combine ionizer, electrostatic, carbon and HEPA type filter technologies which result in a very high filtration effectiveness and with no external ozone. They are certified by AHAM, very quietly for a top choice for a bedroom air purifier and their filter changes are exceptionally easy by just opening the door and remove the dirty filter and slide the new one into place.

Blueair air purifiers are very energy efficient and are energy star qualified, and they have scored amongst the best in the industry. Blueair purifiers use polypropylene filters in its models instead of glass fibers, which can harm the environment. Polypropylene naturally prevents mold and mildew growth, so chemical-based bacteriostats or mold inhibitors are needed.

Blueair units only use 15-95 watts, depending upon speed, and they are Energy-Star rated. Most of the models come with a generous limited warranty, with the stipulation that filters must be changed on schedule.