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Carpet Pro

Carpet Pro
Carpet Pro

Carpet Pro vacuum cleaners are manufactured by the Tacony Corporation, which was founded in 1946. Tacony's business expanded over the decades by acquiring competitors and increasing the size of their distribution network. Many customers came to use their products through owning ceiling fans, sewing machines, and vacuum cleaners, as they became America's largest distributor of those household appliances. From their Missouri vacuum cleaner production facility, Tacony has produced and sold more than a million upright vacuum units since 1997.

Carpet Pro has a reputation for producing high powered, cost efficient floor care products for both commercial and residential use. The Carpet Pro CPU-2 is a good example of the type of quality the Carpet Pro Vacuum Cleaner line offers. At less than $200, this vacuum cleaner is one of the more durable models on the market today. The machine is designed for commercial use, and thus does not come with the attachments found with residential vacuum cleaners, but an additional kit of attachments can be purchased.

Carpet Pro vacuums are durable and extremely efficient at sucking up even the most stubborn dirt. Their vacuums work quietly, and even thought they are sturdy and robust appliances, they are fairly lightweight. Overall, the Carpet Pro commercial vacuums are well recommended by users who consistently leave 5 star reviews