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Dust Care

Dust Care
Dust Care

Dust Care is the vacuum cleaner division of Buckeye Vacuum Cleaner Supply Company in Smyrna, GA, which was founded in 1929.

The company began, as a regional repair parts distributor. In the 20's all upright vacuum cleaners were made of cast aluminum and since the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression people kept their vacuums running as long as possible. It turned out that it was much cheaper to repair a vacuum than to replace it.

This constant repairing and rebuilding of the vacuum cleaners, including polishing the aluminum tanks and canisters during a rebuild, gave birth to the Aftermarket Parts Industry. Recognizing the opportunity afforded by limited parts availability (only through vacuum makers' branch offices), the Strauss family founded what has become one of the nation's largest distributors.

Later the company started to manufacture and distribute parts on an international basis until the 1970’s when the company added vacuum cleaner brands to its line.

In 2005, Dust Care created a line of machines called Evolution, their own version of high quality residential vacuums. Today Dust Care also makes a complete line of central vacuum systems, attachment sets, fittings, accessories and vacuum bags. Dust Care central vacuum systems offer strong durable canisters with a large dirt container and central vacuum units that feature a strong, European manufactured Domel motor for maximum suction power.

Dust Care makes quality vacuum cleaners and hundreds of other vacuum cleaner parts including vacuum filters and paper dust bags for just about any make and model.