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Dyson Refurbished Vacuums

Dyson Refurbished Vacuums
Dyson Refurbished Vacuums

Refurbished Dyson vacuums offer the consumer a truly good vacuum value. Each unit has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and has the appearance of new. There may be minor scuffs or nicks, but the refurbished vacuum cleaner will otherwise be clean as new and show little sign of use.

Enjoy the savings that this section of our site offers. Quantities are very limited and may change without notice.

See our large inventory of Dyson products:

Dyson refurbished vacuums and clearance models can be found in this section of our online store. Refurbished models are clearly marked and advertised as such. All other vacuum models sold within our storefront are Brand New with full manufacturers warranty.

From time to time, this section may contain clearance Dyson vacuums. These may be Dyson closeouts or clearance models that can be purchased at reasonable prices. The clearance units are all Brand New with a full Dyson 5 year limited warranty, unlike the refurbished vacuums. Clearance models can also include very limited quantity of vacuums that have been sold and "Unopened" or "Used Once" vacuums. These units will be clearly marked as such.

***Note the following statements are direct from Dyson regarding their refurbished vacuums:

Dyson refurbished vacuums have been stripped down, cleaned out, reassembled and thoroughly tested. They’re restored to a fully functional condition. In short, they are everything a Dyson machine should be--they work properly and don’t lose suction.

Dyson refurbishes vacuums that are returned to us by retailers or consumers. Refurbishing these machines, rather than disposing of them, means that the parts and materials are re-used instead of wasted.

When a machine comes to us to be refurbished, it is first stripped down as far as necessary. Components removed from the machine that meet our high standards of quality are kept and cleaned. Most damaged or broken components are sent away for recycling. The core of the machine is thoroughly cleaned and new parts are added to replace damaged or cosmetically unacceptable parts discovered during the stripping down process.

Just like our brand new machines, the rebuilt machine then undergoes a comprehensive series of electrical and performance tests to ensure that it works as it should. For our vacuums, one of the tests carried out is a suction test. All refurbished vacuums are electrically tested in compliance with electrical and safety requirements.

One of the primary differences between a new Dyson machine and a refurbished Dyson machine is its appearance– a scratch here or there or a slightly clouded bin may provide a clue that it has been previously used. After it has passed all of the tests, the machine is then packaged and sent out. All Dyson refurbished vacuums come with a 6 month parts and labor warranty.