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Numatic International Limited is a British company with a large manufacturing facility located in southwest England. The company manufactures a range of domestic, commercial, and industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment for distribution worldwide. Numatic is still solely owned by its founder, Chris Duncan, who created the prototype for its flagship "Henry" vacuum cleaner in 1968.It is the last major producer of vacuum cleaners in the UK.

One of Numatic's most popular products is the vacuum cleaner called Henry, which is easily distinguishable by the large smiling face on the front of the canister. Since its launch in 1980 over 7 million have been produced worldwide. Today, Numatic offers a large range of vacuum cleaners and 2 models are among the top sellers.

While the Numatic Henry vacuum cleaners may look a little funny with faces on the side of their bodies, they are very powerful machines that do a great job. The numerous attachments that come with them, along with their huge dust bag capacity make these machines an excellent purchase.