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Breuer Electric Manufacturing Company was founded in 1927 by Adam Breuer in Chicago. The company was originally building and selling portable, electric blowers for cleaning electric equipment. Soon, Breuer began designing and producing commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners, hot air blowers, electrical insecticide sprayers, and dust collectors. After WWI, they acquired the Fay Floor Machine Company. In 2010, the company moved the manufacturing locations to St. James, Missouri, and Fort Worth, Texas, but kept the headquarters in Chicago.

In 1999 the product colors changed to black and yellow in recognition of the newly introduced line and in alignment with global safety color standards. On January 1, 2000, the company legally changed its name to Tornado Industries, Inc., to better align with their corporate brand strategy.

Today, Tornado carries a complete line of both hard and soft floor care equipment, including vacuums, carpet extraction equipment, floor machines, sweepers, automatic scrubbers, critical filtration vacuums, and pressure washers. Tornado has become a leading innovator of "Best in Class" industrial and commercial cleaning equipment. With over 80 years of industry experience, Tornado provides house cleaners with affordable, innovative cleaning technology to meet the most demanding cleaning challenges.